In the new global order, creating high added value became dependent on factors such as specialization, utilizing new technologies, and developing innovation capacity. Increasing the growth capacity of an economy depends on the number of companies that can improve themselves and increase their competitiveness continuously. Also, continuous improvement of human resources, dissemination of information and communication technologies, and focus on innovation stand out as ways to increase per capita national income.

Internet and social media usage are now more commonly used tools for market development. Today, E-Commerce websites are used for the sale of a wide range of products. Most of the marble producers within the scope of the research in Iscehisar stated that they do not participate in E-Commerce because they do not have both infrastructure and qualified labor for this. E-Commerce and social media are rapidly progressing to become indispensable for companies around the world. Therefore; an E-Commerce base where companies can become members, promote their businesses, market their products and open to the international