Marble Academy

The Marble Academy was established to improve product quality in the marble sector, increase added value, expand the use of new technologies and design-based products in the sector, and increase the export of high value-added products.

Marble Academy is an output of the guided project titled "Increasing the Value Added and Exports in the Marble Sector", which was made a pre-feasibility study by Zafer Kalkınma Ajansı (Zafer Development Agency) in 2014 and received final acceptance in 2017. The project will continue its activities under the support and supervision of the Development Agency for 30 months and will continue its activities as an enterprise (unit) of the İscehisar Marble Specialized Organized Industrial Zone at the end of the term. The academy's strategic plan is a roadmap for the sustainability of the institution's existence and activities.


The Status and Management Structure of the Marble Academy

The legal structuring of the Marble Academy will be shaped within the scope of sub-clauses I and I of paragraph 1 of Article 23 of the Organized Industrial Zones Law No. 6432. In this context, İscehisar Marble Specialization Organized Industrial Zone Entrepreneur Committee is responsible for the activities of the Marble Academy as the decision maker, the Executive Board as the executive body, and the IMİOSB Directorate as the executive body.


Physical Infrastructure

The Marble Academy has a closed area of ​​1797 m². In this area, there are service delivery areas such as workshops, classrooms, computer labs, R&D / design office and incubator office.


Technological Resources

Marble Academy has the necessary technology and equipment for training and production activities. It has computers, design programs and advanced technology-based machines required for production, especially for design-based production.


Activities and Projects

Marble Academy organizes training programs for those who are still working in the sector and are likely to work, provides training and consultancy for companies in the sector in quality development, branding and finding new markets, provides both design and production support for design-based production in the sector, and carries out activities aimed at setting an example in the sector. is designed as a facilitating mechanism for university-industry cooperation.