Project Summary

  Zafer Development Agency 2017 Guided Project Support
Project Name High Efficiency and High Added Value in Marble
Project Subject The subject of this project is to develop new products via R&D and design activities in marble sector, which is defined as a middle low technology sector, and to produce intermediate and end products and increase produced added value by meeting the educational need of the sector and increasing marketing possibilities.
Within the scope of the project; a center named as 'Mermer Akademisi' will be established. This center will be located in located in İscehisar Mermer İhtisas Organize Sanayi Bölgesi and its basic functions will be as follows:
a) Providing consultancy to firms to increase productivity in marble extraction, processing and producing processes
b) Providing consultancy for the purpose of disseminating quality assurance and certification practices among companies
c) Providing consultancy to ensure mutual information and technology transfer between companies and universities
d) Creating a sectoral brand, disseminating and promoting the created brand
e) Carrying out the accreditation processes of intermediate and end products of companies in cooperation with universities
f) Providing applied vocational and technical training in order to increase the skills of existing staff of companies
g) Offering design services to companies in their final product development process
h) Providing marketing support to companies through the common database and sales portal to be developed and through sales staff to be employed
Project Conductor İscehisar Marble Specialized Organized Industrial Zone
Project Partners  - Afyonkarahisar Special Provincial Administration

- Afyonkarahisar İscehisar Marble-Cutters Asssociation

- İscehisar Municipality

- Afyonkarahisar Chamber of Industry and Trade
Project Contributors Afyon Kocatepe University
Total Cost 6.600.000 TL (Six Million Six Hundred Thousand Turkish Lira)
Agency Contribution Margin 4.950.000 TL (Four Million Nine Hundred Fifty Thousand Turkish Lira), 75%
Contribution Margin of Project Manager and Partners 1.650.000 TL (One Million Six Hundred Fifty Thousand Turkish Lira), 25%
Project Implementation Time 30 (Thirty) Months
Project Start Date 30.07.2018