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Marble Academy aims to educate personnels that are vital to reach project’s goal. In order to reach this goal, education programs will be organized in the Marble Academy by taking into consideration of the needs of industry.


Marble Academy gives consultancy services and contributes to your enterprise in all process from establishment to production.


In the new global order, creating high added value became dependent on factors such as specialization, utilizing new technologies, and developing innovation capacity. Increasing the growth capacity of an economy depends on the number of companies that can improve themselves and increase their competitiveness continuously. Also, continuous improvement of human resources, dissemination of information and communication technologies, and focus on innovation stand out as ways to increase per capita national income.

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"High Efficiency High Value Added in Marble" project owned by İscehisar Marble Specialized Organized Industrial Zone and supported by Zafer Development Agency; is applied in Afyonkarahisar and is to increase the added value produced to develop new products, produce intermediate and end products and improve marketing opportunities in marble sector which is medium-low technology.