Market Development and Branding

In surveys made to companies operating in the field of natural stone in Iscehisar, various questions such as promotion, brand, acting together, supporting the center were asked and their opinions and suggestions regarding sector were received.

 Afyon marble has a worldwide reputation in the woarld. Although it is known that Afyon marble has a reputation, the need for promotion shows that enterprises need  existence of this center. However, when the export figures are examined, it is obvious that there are problems in marketing of the product, no matter how well it is known, and that marketing should be done by a center not by companies themselves.

 For this reason, the center planned to be established will both increase the recognition of Afyon marble and cause an increase in export figures of companies in marble sector of Afyonkarahisar.

For promotion, businesses must either have such a team in their own organization or get help from professionals outside. Thanks to the center planned to be established, these advertising activities that businesses can’t do alone will be provided in a more professional manner.