Guarantee Mark

"High Efficiency High Value Added in Marble" project owned by İscehisar Marble Specialized Organized Industrial Zone and supported by Zafer Development Agency; is applied in Afyonkarahisar and is to increase the added value produced to develop new products, produce intermediate and end products and improve marketing opportunities in marble sector which is medium-low technology.

A "Brand" will be created in line with the standards to be developed within Marble Academy established within the scope of the project. This brand is of great importance on the way to the goals that we want to achieve within the scope of the project. As it is known, today the brand is ahead of the product and, especially in international market, the brands have become much more important than product.

We continue to our work with the “Brand” team that we established, consisting of expert academicians from Afyon Kocatepe University. As a result of these studies, a brand will be created and all manufacturers using this brand will produce products of the specified standard and quality. This standardization study aims to provide recognition to our industry in international market by increasing quality and efficiency.

While branding and standardization studies are being carried out, scientific research will be carried out on natural stone types and on which grounds they can be used for what purposes. After these researches are completed, the results will be integrated into the standardization study of the brand and the sector representatives who want to use the brand will have the right to use the brand as a result of adapting their production facilities to the standards determined in this study.

The Guarantee Mark to be created for the marble industry within the scope of the “High Efficiency High Value Added in Marble” project will be used to guarantee certain common characteristics, source, quality, material or techniques used for this purpose, and important distinctive common features such as production, sales or presentation methods of goods produced or services offered by businesses authorized to use this brand.Therefore, Marble Academy will apply to Turkish Patent and Trademark Office in order to crate infrastructure anf registration of Guarantee Mark and ensure to take document.